Notice to Purchase Card Holders

credit card
  • For internal management purpose, all payment via bank must be paid in our account with the Bank of China
  • A/C No.: 014-694-00012480,
  • Account Holder Name: Uncle Ming's Gallery
  • All merchandisers of Government Departments or subsidised organizations  may use the following purchase cards to settle the payment for orders placed with us:
  • Please maintain adquate credit in the account. Thank you very much for your attention and cooperation.
  • 為方便內部賬目管理,所有通過銀行付賬之客戶請將有關款項存入本公司中銀戶口:
    • A/C No.: 014-694-00012480,
    • Account Holder Name: Uncle Ming's Gallery
  • 各政府部門或資助機構採購員可以以下銀行採購咭支付有關賬項(請確保戶口內備有足夠信用額,多謝合作):

Technical Notice to Internet Visitors

tech knowhow
  • Our web pages or e-catalogues are better viewed with java enabled browser with plugins including  acrobat reader, quicktime player and flashplayer or all their latest versions.
  • If  still you cannot view any files within your browser, right click your mouse on the URL and choose "save link target as" for downloading the file to your harddisk.

Security Notice to All Customers

  • To ensure the quality of our services, we have installed CCTV (AV)/Telephone monitoring & recording system  All the recording will be treated strictly confidential in accordance to our privacy policy. Click HERE  for details.
  • 為 確保一切交易履行準確無誤, 本公司已裝設閉路電視(影音)/電話監錄系統, 所有音像紀錄按本供司私隱政策保密處理,詳情請由"" 登入