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Without business, we won't be able to keep the web going. For more information about our business services, click the above links to visit our web pages.
營生乏術,又豈能奢談理想, 何妨先登入有關我們商業服務的網頁, 看看我們的業務.

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Please try to obtain the information you need from our web-pages like "Price List" or "Customer Support"before making your enquiry. If you want some more specific information from us, please READ, COMPLETE, and SEND this form to us. All the data will be kept confidential and handled with care. For details of our privacy policy, you may visit our web-site "Privacy Policy".  If sample is required, the original copy of a properly signed and chopped enquiry form which can be download from  ”HERE"  must be tendered by mail or by hand for our record at first.
The following form will guide you to construct an email message. When your default emailing software is activated by pressing "YES" key after the completion of the enquiry form, you  may give your email a subject title but don't change the format of the body content  or we will not be able to process your data. Thank you very much for your interest in our service and cooperation!!
查詢問價前, 請先行嘗試從相均關網頁找尋閣下所需訊息,如確定未有所需訊息, 請詳閱以下之表格及聲明後, 確認接受後始輸入有關閣下資料. 所有資料, 均依本公司之私隱政策處理, 詳盡條款請瀏覽本公司網頁"Privacy Policy". 如 欲索取樣本, 必需先行從下載”查詢表格”, 填寫後簽署及蓋章予本公司存檔方行處理.
以下表格將引導貴客製作查詢之電郵, 當填寫完畢按"YES"鍵送呈時, 您的預設電郵軟件便會啟動, 您可以為電郵更改更合適主旨, 但請勿刪改電郵內容或格式, 否則資訊無法正確處理.

If the following form does not work on your computer for whatever reason (eg. some kind of action is blocked on your desktop), please click the following email address. However, it will take a longer time to process your enquiry.
如以下表格因故未能如常運作(如功能受嚴格限制之電腦), 請點擊下面電郵地址聯絡我們. 惟所需處理時間較長.

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You are always welcome to visit our shop and workshop during the office hours.

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Main Shop & Office
97-97A, 1/F, Hunghom Square, 37-39 Matauwai Rd., Hunghom,
23659900;  27662244
Fax: 27662200
Digital Workshop
62, G/F, Hunghom Square, 37-39 Matauwai Rd., Hunghom,
Digital Studio
A1-08, 5/F., Phase I, Hangfung Ind. Bldg, 2G, Hokyuen St., Hunghom,
Kln, HK
(for internal production only)