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Ever Changing Service to Meet Ever Changing Needs 與時並進的服務

Created by UM-Gallery in 2009

Our Committment to Creativity 我們對創新的理念

For more than three decades,  we've been working hard to achieve the seamless fusion of  old with new, east with west  and art with science. Neither a clumsy mixture nor  a simple crossover can satisfy us.  We've never thought that we 've really made it.  Yet we've tried our best to approach it without regret.

In this approximately 36sec promotion  trailer in  mpg-1 file of 4.3MB created in 2009,  we not only show our committment to creative industry (Quicktime needed)., but also demonstrate a low cost production of mutimedia ad on the internet is simple and possible. More samples are available. Just click and check. 

在30年多的歲月裡,我們曾努力不 懈地嘗試,揉合現代和傳統、東方和西方、藝 術和科技,我們不敢奢言成功、或滿足於簡單 的混合、以至笨拙的結合,但卻無悔追 尋這36秒的動畫, 表達我們對創作的理念, 也展示低成本創作之可能. 網頁內有更多我們的創作樣本.

Ever New Look of Our Site 不斷更新面貌,網站離線瀏覽版

We keep updated our web site to make it looks more gorgeous with some new but well established technology compatible to most prevailing browsers like CSS and XML. For the best viewing effect, your browser should be java enabled and installed with plugins of quicktime, acrobat reader and flash player. The latest version is highly recommended for security reason. As what we always insist, you should have no problem in browsing our web page with computer of the minimum configuration in the current period. Our site have grown over time and now hold tens of GB data and images for your free reference or creation of artwork.
本網站網頁不斷更新, 新網頁會採用CSS 和 XML 等較先進技術,請加裝有關插件以便獲得最佳觀賞效果,一如既往,溜覽我們的網站,只需現時最基本的電腦設備。

- 19/6/2020


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